Call for testing: hackable Mercurial for Windows

Matt Mackall mpm at
Tue Oct 18 20:31:37 CDT 2011

In an effort to get more Windows people hacking on Mercurial, I've built
a proof-of-concept package here: (~50MB)

that contains:

- private copy of Python 2.6.6 (32-bit)
- complete Mercurial history
- pre-compiled extensions (32-bit MinGW gcc 4.6.1)
- hg.exe wrapper to add to your path
- in-place editable source checked out and ready to go

You should be able to unzip this into a directory and start hacking on
Mercurial immediately without affecting your existing Python or
Mercurial installations. Because it contains the actual Mercurial repo,
you should also be able to immediately pull and update to the latest
development versions (until the extensions need recompiling).

Please give it a spin!

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