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> > Matt, many thanks for the clear reply. BTW, I believe in the
> > "benevolent dictatorship". So let me test my understanding:
> >
> > Consequently, the low level option that provides a non-recursive scope
> > for commit will be removed. ("We absolutely cannot have a naked 'hg
> > commit' commit everything but subrepos.")
> What option is that? 


This is the option we wanted Martin to use so we could get consistent behavior of commit/status/diff.

The existence of this option cannot be consistent with your statement "We absolutely cannot have a naked 'hg commit' commit everything but subrepos."

> It's critical to understand that Patrick's abort option prevents you
> from sinning by accident:
>  $ hg commit
>  abort: uncommitted changes in subrepo foo
> ..which is what makes it an acceptable compromise.

This would be useful for us. What is the status of this? Is it controlled by an option?


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