clone performance of experimental new http client library.

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"Dominik Psenner" <dpsenner at> writes:

>> Does all this mean that it is likely the new library will perform no
>> worse than the old one in Mercurial 2? The point of the library was
>> to speed things up right?
> Comparing svn 1.6.15-neon and 1.7.0-neon (which implements HTTPv2)
> shows that the 1.7 version eliminated more than half of the needed
> http requests [1]. I guess there's still some speedup potential for
> mercurial.

You must be talking about something else? David is talking about using
the new HTTP client we have in Mercurial.

The big goal of that client is to let the client send a "Expect:
100-Continue" header to the server on HTTP push and the server can then
reply early to ask for authentication, if needed.

With the normal Python HTTP code, clients upload everything *twice* when
pushing over HTTP: the first upload is discarded because it is

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