clone performance of experimental new http client library.

Martin Geisler mg at
Thu Oct 20 07:56:06 CDT 2011

"Dominik Psenner" <dpsenner at> writes:

>> You must be talking about something else? David is talking about
>> using the new HTTP client we have in Mercurial.
>> The big goal of that client is to let the client send a "Expect:
>> 100-Continue" header to the server on HTTP push and the server can
>> then reply early to ask for authentication, if needed.
> Oh, sorry for the noise. My brain got mixed up between the subversion
> and mercurial releases. :-)

Heh, yeah :) But it gave me a good chance to explain David and others
what the new HTTP client is about.

>> With the normal Python HTTP code, clients upload everything *twice*
>> when pushing over HTTP: the first upload is discarded because it is
>> unauthenticated.
> Which means that - once the code has been patched against the
> performance bottlenecks - the speedup should be around 2.0 (two times
> faster) for large repositories?

Yes, that is what we expect.

Martin Geisler

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