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Thu Oct 20 13:13:32 CDT 2011

Op 20-10-2011 18:36, Dirkjan Ochtman schreef:
> On Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 17:18, Matt Mackall<mpm at>  wrote:
>>> I'm with Patrick in that I prefer (b) even now. I find his argument
>>> about predictability and scalability of performance compelling, but
>>> mostly I find recursive commit (by default) plain scary.
>> Would it still be scary if you had recursive diff and status by default?
> Much less so, of course. Does rebase also recurse by default? log?
> parents? It still seems to me that the conceptual integrity would
> suffer, and it would take a whole lot of time and changesets to get
> everything integrated properly with the principle of least
> astonishment intact.

Does .hgignore recurse?


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