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Op 20-10-2011 17:15, Martin Geisler schreef:
> Laurens Holst<laurens.nospam at>  writes:
>> (b) seems perfectly fine behaviour, some arguments:
>> [...]
>> The only real downside is that hg status will show .hgsubstate as
>> modified instead of indicating the subrepository paths, but I can live
>> with that if that is what is required by existing tools.
> Just in case you're confused about this: The .hgsubstate file is not
> updated on disk until you do 'hg commit'. So you cannnot see that you've
> changed a subrepository with 'hg status' or 'hg diff'.
> Use 'hg summary' to see a list of changed subrepositories.

Right, sorry, I guess that is Git’s behaviour. :) I haven’t used 
subrepos in Mercurial, although we probably will (for art assets) if I 
manage to convince my company to choose Mercurial over Git when we 
migrate away from SVN.


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