[PATCH 0 of 4] largefiles: make system cache a user cache, and the repo cache a store

Benjamin Pollack benjamin at bitquabit.com
Thu Oct 20 13:55:48 CDT 2011

On Oct 20, 2011, at 2:49 PM, Greg Ward wrote:

> On Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 1:24 PM, Benjamin Pollack
> <benjamin at bitquabit.com> wrote:
>> This patch series does several things:
>>   - In introduces a test authored by Eli Carter that provides a concrete
>>     failure for the current behavior
>>   - It corrects the documentation to clarify what the proper behavior ought to
>>     be
>>   - It renames a large number of functions and methods, plus a config setting,
>>     to actually reflect that desired behavior
>>   - It actually fixes the behavior to match the description, allowing the
>>     failing test to pass
>> The last two, or even three, patches can be folded; they were kept separate for
>> my sanity during development, and for ease of tracking what I actually changed.
>> Likewise, if we're concerned about such a large renaming, the last patch can be
>> easily rewritten to use the old function names.
> Nice! Since patch #1 introduces a failing test, IMHO the commit
> message should say so. Or, better, it should be the last patch, since
> we generally don't like failing tests.

That's fine with me.  Sorry for doing it backwards; our team's practice is to introduce the test first, then the code that allows it to pass, so I just did that without thinking.  I can resubmit in the other order, or it can just be applied differently (it goes cleanly either way).


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