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Patrick Mézard pmezard at
Fri Oct 21 09:30:39 CDT 2011

I have some questions after looking at "Issue3056 - hg diff/status - subrepo files not listed on revision where subrepo was added". With the following setup (one modified subrepo being added):

  $ hg init sub
  $ echo b > sub/b
  $ hg -R sub add sub/b
  $ hg -R sub ci -m "addb"
  $ hg init repo
  $ cd repo
  $ hg clone ../sub sub
  $ echo sub = sub > .hgsub
  $ hg add .hgsub
  $ echo b >> sub/b

1- Should "hg diff -S" display the changes to sub/b ?

I guess it should, it is the whole point of -S.

2- Say we commit this change as revision 0. Should "hg diff -S --change 0" display the changes to sub/b ?

Yes for consistency with [1].

No because it is undefined : we know the subrepo was introduced at revision 1, we do not know the use start adding it while being at revision 0 and committed it recursively.

3- Say we modify "sub" 3 times with as many recursive commits. Should "hg diff -S -r null:3" display the changes to sub/b and which ones ?

At best, we can display the changes to sub between its introduction in 1 and its current state in 3. Again, it means the changes made in the process of adding sub in 0 are ignored, but we have no way to get them. Do we want that?

The interesting part is "between its introduction in 1 and its current state in 3" which implies some kind of traversal to find when sub was introduced for the first time. This is undefined for unrelated revisions and brings a lot of aliasing issues.


Patrick Mézard

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