largefiles: _central_ store

Mathias De Maré mathias.demare at
Tue Oct 25 02:34:01 CDT 2011


there have been a few threads with questions about the concept of a
largefiles store already.

However, I'm wondering what would happen in the following situation:

There is a central repository (which also functions as central store), let's
call this 'Central'.
There are 2 users, let's call them A and B.

Suppose user A made a clone from Central, and user B made a clone from user
Does this mean user B will only be able to use largefiles that are in the
cache of user A?

Preferably, I would like to keep the freedom of workflow Mercurial provides,
even when using the largefiles extension. I'm not 100% sure how largefiles
works for cases like this, or similar.

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