largefiles: overheads to hg startup

Andrew Pritchard awpritchard at
Tue Oct 25 19:06:11 CDT 2011

That code path was added exclusively to add the 'largefiles'
requirement to old-kbfiles repositories that didn't have anything
largefiles-related in the requires file.  Since, again, Fog Creek has
been shipping recent versions of largefiles with Kiln's auto-updating
extensions, this code shouldn't really be necessary anymore: most, if
not all, old-kbfiles repositories should now mention 'largefiles' in
the requires file, and the worst case if they don't is that clients
that don't have largefiles enabled will be able to mess with the
repository, until some other action adds the requirement.  The call to
checkrequireslfiles() in reposetup is a relic of the migration from
the ignore-the-fact-that-unaware-clients-can-break-things strategy to
the lock-them-out strategy.

Also, while we're looking at the code that adds the largefiles
requirement, it would be faster to check only the current changeset in
the commit hook (I thought I had already done that, but the code says
otherwise).  It might also be appropriate to drop the changegroup hook
and add the largefiles requirement in the putlfile wireproto command
instead, since clients will always push largefiles with commits that
add them; and handle pulls and unbundles by looking through each
commit's manifest in wrapped pull and unbundle functions (or in a new
changegroup hook; either way).  The code in manifest._search is very
close to suitable for this, but not quite, since it looks for exact
matches on entire lines rather than prefix matches.  Thoughts?

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