[PATCH PREVIEW] largefiles: speed up the check if largefiles should be added to repo requirements

Dominik Psenner dpsenner at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 05:59:05 CDT 2011

>># HG changeset patch
>># User DominikP
>># Date 1319788476 -7200
>># Branch stable
>># Node ID 934a2bcf91a83e8abd0961ae19bf8f5e6b841e12
>># Parent  b26315ae7f1898aebf03631b36fb93c4c004a6c5
>>largefiles: speed up the check if largefiles should be added to repo
>>This patch speeds up things by not recursing into subfolders when
>>.hglf file in the store.
>>diff -r b26315ae7f18 -r 934a2bcf91a8 hgext/largefiles/reposetup.py
>>--- a/hgext/largefiles/reposetup.py	Thu Oct 27 18:35:07 2011 -0500
>>+++ b/hgext/largefiles/reposetup.py	Fri Oct 28 09:54:36 2011 +0200
>>@@ -400,10 +400,10 @@
>>     repo.__class__ = lfiles_repo
>>     def checkrequireslfiles(ui, repo, **kwargs):
>>-        if 'largefiles' not in repo.requirements and util.any(
>>-                lfutil.shortname+'/' in f[0] for f in
>>-            repo.requirements.add('largefiles')
>>-            repo._writerequirements()
>>+        if 'largefiles' not in repo.requirements:
>>+            if util.any(lfutil.shortname+'/' in f[0] for f in
>>repo.store._walk('data', False)):
>For the final patch I would refactor walk() to have a recurse parameter
>is passed on to _walk.

I just noticed that this doesn't work since lfiles uses the fncachestore,
which overrides the datafiles() function. Forget about the patch. :-) I'll
resend a corrected one once I figured this out.

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