largefiles extension

Carter, Eli Eli.Carter at
Thu Sep 1 13:40:34 CDT 2011

> From: Mads Kiilerich [mailto:mads at]
> Carter, Eli wrote, On 09/01/2011 06:39 PM:
> >> .... and committing a 3.5GB largefile file causes problems in the dirstate
> code.
> > Adding and committing a largefile of 2**31-1 bytes works.
> > Adding a largefile of 2**31 bytes works, but committing it triggers a
> > traceback from
> Yes, that is a known limitation of the Mercurial dirstate, and it is a known
> issue that 'largefiles' uses it.

It shouldn't traceback in that case though; it should give a clear error.  It seems it is also leaving the working copy in an odd state where there is a largefile that reappears as an unknown file when you update...


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