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Wed Sep 14 14:40:07 CDT 2011

9 new changesets (3 stable) in mercurial:
changeset:   15090:3bccc15b201f
parent:      15069:650d81a313cb
user:        Lee Cantey <lcantey at>
date:        Mon Sep 12 09:20:31 2011 -0700
summary:     test-setdiscovery: allow for leading space in output of wc
changeset:   15091:106f89299da6
branch:      stable
parent:      15088:31c9e2a702d1
user:        Sune Foldager <cryo at>
date:        Wed Sep 14 13:51:50 2011 +0200
summary:     bundlerepo: add argument check before unlink
changeset:   15092:cbba7fca7c4d
parent:      15089:bfe903b1ff4e
parent:      15090:3bccc15b201f
user:        Sune Foldager <cryo at>
date:        Wed Sep 14 13:57:31 2011 +0200
summary:     merge
changeset:   15093:2ca855126091
parent:      15092:cbba7fca7c4d
parent:      15091:106f89299da6
user:        Sune Foldager <cryo at>
date:        Wed Sep 14 13:57:56 2011 +0200
summary:     merge with stable
changeset:   15094:258eee414ab7
branch:      stable
parent:      15091:106f89299da6
user:        Steve Streeting <steve at>
date:        Thu Sep 08 11:34:59 2011 +0100
summary:     osutil: avoid accidentally destroying the True object in isgui (issue2937)
changeset:   15095:ec222a29bdf0
branch:      stable
user:        Matt Mackall <mpm at>
date:        Tue Sep 13 17:01:07 2011 -0500
summary:     win32: quietly ignore missing CreateHardLinkA for Wine
changeset:   15096:868282fa29d8
parent:      15093:2ca855126091
user:        Simon Heimberg <simohe at>
date:        Mon Aug 22 22:50:52 2011 +0200
summary:     demandimport: determine at load time if __import__ has level argument
changeset:   15097:cda7a87c1871
user:        Greg Ward <greg-hg at>
date:        Sun Sep 11 21:21:58 2011 -0400
summary:     rollback: improve readability; clarify that the return value is an int.
changeset:   15098:edf7ae547b0e
tag:         tip
parent:      15097:cda7a87c1871
parent:      15095:ec222a29bdf0
user:        Matt Mackall <mpm at>
date:        Wed Sep 14 14:37:10 2011 -0500
summary:     merge with stable

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