German translation interferes with record extension

Meikel Brandmeyer mb at
Wed Sep 28 13:41:02 CDT 2011

Dear Mercurial devs,

I encountered an issue with record in 1.9.2.

What I did:

I started a record session, added some hunks and pushed "d" to skip over the remaining changes and files.

What I expected:

That exactly that happens and the commit message editor pops up.

What happened:

The next file got added to the changes to be committed. 

Thanks to Matt Mackall on #mercurial I found the culprit in the german locale settings.

The command keys are also translated. However this is  neither shown by the prompt of record nor by the help message which is accessible via ?. To add to the confusion the keys are also translated inconsistently. d and f basically flip their meaning, but y and n are *not* translated! So with y working as usual and the wrong prompt menu one has no indication whatsoever that the keys might be translated.

So there are two issues here: the keys are not translated consistently and record doesn't  give a hint (neither in the prompt nor in the help message) that the keys actually are translated.

As a side note: Maybe translating the keys should be reconsidered. It is perfectly reasonable to have non-english locale setting but at same time have an american keyboard layout. By translating eg. &Skip to &Überspringen you basically disable skipping of changes because you can't type ü on an american keyboard.


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