Obsolete Development

Patrick Mézard patrick at mezard.eu
Sat Aug 4 08:33:37 CDT 2012

Le 04/08/12 01:40, Sean Farley a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I've just spent the day learning and playing around with Pierre-Yves's
> obsolete and evolve extensions with the newest mercurial and they are
> _really_ cool! I just had a few questions about its development.
> 1) For the logilab webpages / docs, how would the group like patches,
> i.e. pull-requests, mailing-list, or something else?
> 2) For the terminology, it seems some keywords have been decided upon,
> and some have not ("I’m not very happy with this naming scheme and I’m
> looking for a better distinction between direct successors and **any
> successors*." from
> http://hg-lab.logilab.org/doc/mutable-history/html/obs-terms.html).
> I'm more interested in discussing the command names, such as, `gup`,
> `gdown`, etc. Where should that happen?
> 3) Similar to (1), where should patches for code (not docs) go? Same
> place as (1)?
> 4) Are there any particular features that experimental users should be testing?

I cannot answer for Pierre-Yves, but in the meantime you can get in touch on IRC on #mercurial (freenode).

Patrick Mézard

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