Why you don't want to allow disabling "branches are global and permanent, did you want a bookmark"?

Nikolaj Sjujskij sterkrig at myopera.com
Thu Aug 9 02:22:27 CDT 2012

Den 2012-08-08 23:51:21 skrev <paul_nathan at selinc.com>:

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>> Date: 08/08/2012 04:35 AM
>> Subject: Re: Why you don't want to allow disabling "branches are
>> global and permanent, did you want a bookmark"?
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>> On 08/08/12 13:10, v wrote:
>> > I humbly suggest that this is objectively bad UI design, not just
>> a matter of
>> > personal preference. Asking "do you want to do something else
> instead?"
>> > every time a branch is created implies a deprecated feature or one
> which
>> > should rarely be used, not just warning the user about a common
>> > misunderstanding.
>> The root cause of the "problem" is that git started using the name
>> "branch" for something that was temporary. Many new Mercurial users thus
>> have wrong expectations when they start using Mercurial. This message is
>> an attempt at mitigating one of the first and major issue these users
>> have with Mercurial.
>> Nobody denied that the message could be improved. This is the -devel
>> list - please try to contribute a convincing a patch.
>> We want to keep a message that will educate new users that come with
>> wrong expectations ... but it would be nice if the message acknowledged
>> the sane use cases for 'branch' and didn't hint so strongly that the
>> user was wrong.
> Dear -devel-
> It's very confusing for a certain segment of users. The usual line of
> thought seems to roll like this "Oh, a warning message! I did
> something wrong! PANIC!"
  ...and current situation contradicts with principle "Old users are more  
valuable than new ones". For every careless git user who is too lazy to  
read documentation and is reminded by this message we probably have  
hundreds of terminal lines wasted, dozens of expirienced users irritated  
and tens of newbies who read, say, hgbook, and try their first `hg branch`  
to be confused by suggestion to use bookmarks.

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