Why you don't want to allow disabling "branches are global and permanent, did you want a bookmark"?

Adrian Buehlmann adrian at cadifra.com
Sun Aug 12 03:38:16 CDT 2012

On 2012-08-12 09:16, v wrote:
> With regards to the question of why we should worry about git users, git
> seems to have become the de facto gold standard DVCS. If one model of car
> had some controls that differed from the expectations set by all popular
> models, you would expect some appropriate warning for new users, without
> relying on them to read the manual before doing anything. It is reasonable
> that if hg branch is substantially different from git branch, some warning
> should be given to new users.

Not if our car (Mercurial) had a different concept of what the term
"branch" means from its beginning.

I also don't really care what you claim what the "de facto" standard for
a DVCS is. There is a reason why I'm using Mercurial (and not git).
There is no reason to tell me I should use command X instead of Y if I
have chosen to use X. Unless X (=branch) is deprecated, which is clearly
not the case for Mercurial's branch command.

(If I would apply your - erroneous, FWIW - reasoning to Linux vs
Windows, then Linux would have to add a couple of messages to its UI
strings as well. No one really expects that, do you?).

> Is it possible to refer new users to GitConcepts?

In Mercurial's UI texts for when someone just uses the branch command? No.

But you could probably do that in the help texts.

> A prominent link could be
> added to the download page, but what about those who download hg from their
> package repository? (I use Windows, so I'm entirely ignorant as to how Linux
> package repositories work.)

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