[Bug 3602] New: Amending a secret revision produces a draft revision

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Wed Aug 29 04:39:53 CDT 2012


          Priority: normal
            Bug ID: 3602
                CC: mercurial-devel at selenic.com
          Assignee: bugzilla at selenic.com
           Summary: Amending a secret revision produces a draft revision
          Severity: bug
    Classification: Unclassified
                OS: All
          Reporter: yruslan at gmail.com
          Hardware: PC
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
           Version: 2.3
         Component: Mercurial
           Product: Mercurial


Please, see the test

prepare repo

  $ hg init a
  $ cd a
  $ echo "some text" > FOO.txt
  $ echo "another text" > bar.txt
  $ hg add
  adding FOO.txt
  adding bar.txt
  $ hg ci -mtest1

change phase to secret

  $ hg phase -r 0 -f --secret
  $ hg phase -r 0
  0: secret

amend revision

  $ echo "yet another text" >> bar.txt
  $ hg ci --amend -mtest1
  $ hg phase -r 0
  0: draft

Shouldn't the amended revision be secret if not specified otherwise?

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