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Patrick Mézard patrick at mezard.eu
Tue Feb 7 03:46:23 CST 2012

Le 07/02/12 10:14, Andrey Somov a écrit :
> Not exactly. Apparently, I was not clear enough. 
> Another attempt. While reading the Python code I have found a few imperfections which I think shall be reported to the community. Since I think a patch is the best way to show my idea, I send it. My contribution is not to fix or to improve production code but merely to indicate the problem and help others to find the proper solution.
> My expectation: my job is done. The issue is known and those who know the code better and feel responsible may do whatever they wish
> What happens: the patch is rejected with comments that it should be improved. (Even though the reviewer can clear see the place to be improved !)
> I am confused. What shall I do ? Does the community expects me to re-send the patch until it is accepted ?
> What is the community expectation ?
> I hope, I was clear enough.

Can you be more specific? Are you talking about this patch:

  [PATCH hglib] merge and resolve return boolean instead of raising an exception

which Idan commented afterwards?

So yes, when correct looking patches (commented code, good indentation, not kludgy) lands on mercurial-devel, they are considered as regular submission and their author are assumed to be OK to be motioned through the review process. If it is not your intent, which is perfectly fine, please make it clear and possibly open an issue in the bug tracker, and paste your diff there as a fix suggestion. But in this case, you explicitely give up on attribution, at least that is the way I see it.

Patrick Mézard

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