cmdserver: set current process folder to a repository root after startup

Sergey Antonov sergant_ at
Fri Feb 17 00:48:15 CST 2012

When I run hg in cmdserver mode it treats the paths relative to the 
process current folder (like standalone hg).

So, if I get some path from a changeset description (i.e. 
Folder/foobar.txt) the cmdserver does not accept it. I need either make 
it a full path or relative to process current folder.

If the current process folder is repository root, then everything works 

In my use case I don't know a repository root for a path.

Right now I run it twice:
1) to get a repository root from a path
2) to run in cmdserver using a root as its current directory

Is it possible to add an option to a cmdserver to set repository root as 
its current directory ?

Sergey Antonov
sergant_ at

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