Having more than three phases

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Mon Jan 9 10:47:45 CST 2012

On Jan 9, 2012 12:46 PM, "Martin Geisler" <mg at lazybytes.net> wrote:
> Jason Harris <jason at jasonfharris.com> writes:
> > So again I think the name "secret" is then bad. Laurens has taken the
> > command at it's face value, (as I would) and then is rightly
> > complaining that something secret is not actually "secret". Better
> > names might be:
> >
> > private / draft / public
> >
> > private / draft / complete
> >
> > unshared / draft / complete
> >
> > etc. But unless secret is actually, well secret, then it's likely not
> > such a good name.
> I also don't like 'secret' very much.
> At the Zurich sprint we discussed:
> * personal: implies mostly private and non-shared to me, like a personal
>  diary.
> * grounded: like planes that are not allowed to take off. The emphasis
>  is on the non-shared nature of these changesets, but it does not
>  promise privacy.

I think "grounded" is a pretty bad name. For non English speaking users its
meaning is not immediately clear. I'd bet that a lot of people would not
even know what grounded means.

As for "personal", it is ok I guess but, like "private" it starts with a
"p". I thought that "private" was the preferred name for that phase but
that it was rejected because it a first letter clashes with the first
letter in "public"?

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