The phase information is not always up to date

Angel Ezquerra Moreu angel.ezquerra at
Wed Jan 25 08:14:46 CST 2012


I originally sent the following question to the TortoiseHg developers
mailing list. In there Steve suggested that this may be a mercurial

As you may know I am working on adding phase support to TortoiseHg. I
got everything mostly working, but I have a problem. I added an
(optional) column to the tortoisehg workbench which shows the phase of
each revision. I also added a way to change the phase of a particular
revision. The problem is that TortoiseHg does not update the phase
column when you change the phase of a revision, even after I hit the
refresh button. I must close the repository tab and open it again in
order to get the updated phase information. Sometimes even this does
not work, and I must restart the workbench to update the phase info!

Steve said that this usually means the repository is holding on to
cached data and is not releasing it when the repository is
invalidated. However it may also be that I am doing something wrong.
Do you have any suggestions to further debug this problem?



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