hgweb: tweak hgwebdir.refreshinterval to improve performance

Markus Zapke-Gründemann markuszapke at gmx.net
Wed Nov 28 10:20:11 CST 2012

Mads Kiilerich schrieb:
> Markus Zapke-Gründemann wrote, On 11/26/2012 05:25 PM:
>> If hgweb is serving a lot of repositories which are organized in subdirectories
>> and some of them containing subrepositories a single non-bare repo can slow
>> down the performance of hgweb significantly.
> I assume this is a scenario where '**' is used in [paths]?
> Do you see any problem when enumerating the repos ... or when using '*' (and
> thus not serving subrepos 'in place')?
> 'hg help hgweb' could perhaps make the potential performance implications of
> '**' more clear.
One projects has nearly 400 repositories. This is the project with the highest
repository count. But other projects have a lot of repositories too. So '**' is
the easiest way to configure this. Especially because the project maintainers
can create new repositories but can't edit the hgweb configuration (because
they can't restart the WSGI workers).

Thanks for your advice anyway!



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