[PATCH] export: make -o foo overwrite, not append

Kevin Bullock kbullock+mercurial at ringworld.org
Fri Oct 5 10:05:54 CDT 2012

On 5 Oct 2012, at 9:22 AM, Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso wrote:

> On 4 October 2012 17:10, Kevin Bullock
> <kbullock+mercurial at ringworld.org> wrote:
>> I suspect that we actually want to do something more nuanced here.
>> If we only have a single output file, we may want to keep the
>> current append behavior (or might not, in which case we still want
>> to preserve the ability to export multiple changesets to a single
>> file). But for multiple files (i.e., multiple changes being exported
>> AND a parameterized OUTFILESPEC), we probably want to either abort
>> or overwrite.
>> Am I correct in that assessment?
> This sounds correct, but more annoying to implement. Can I just
> document the current behaviour for now and let someone else decide if
> they want to do something else?

If we document the current (almost certainly wrong) behavior, someone will come to rely on it, and then we won't be able to change it later (backward compatibility).

Better would be to file a bug so that we don't lose track of it, and drop it for now.

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