[Bug 3653] New: clfilter causes clone performance regression

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Fri Oct 5 18:45:13 CDT 2012


          Priority: normal
            Bug ID: 3653
                CC: mercurial-devel at selenic.com
          Assignee: bugzilla at selenic.com
           Summary: clfilter causes clone performance regression
          Severity: bug
    Classification: Unclassified
                OS: All
          Reporter: bos at serpentine.com
          Hardware: All
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
           Version: unspecified
         Component: Mercurial
           Product: Mercurial

I found an approx 5% regression in the performance of "hg clone", in which the
pull machinery seems to be implicated.

Bisecting led here:

changeset:   17677:5c89e7fa5bc2
user:        Pierre-Yves David <pierre-yves.david at logilab.fr>
date:        Thu Sep 20 19:02:47 2012 +0200
summary:     clfilter: introduce `filteredrevs` attribute on changelog

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