minor issues with "hg bookmark"

Thomas Arendsen Hein thomas at intevation.de
Tue Oct 9 05:01:06 CDT 2012

Hi Kevin!

> bookmarks: deactivate current bookmark if no name is given

While looking at the code I saw some minor things:

- Renaming bookmark does not check all things that marking does,
  e.g. newlines, whitespace and branch name collision.

- Incompatible options are not catched, e.g. something like

    if delete and rename:
        raise util.Abort(_("--delete and --rename are incompatible"))

  (and some more)

- There are far too many return statements compared to other parts
  of the code. I suggest dropping them where not needed and
  replacing "if xx:" with "elif xx:" elsewhere, or even simply
  "else:" in the case of "if mark is None:".
  Of course this is a matter of taste, the explicit returns and
  checks could help prevent mistakes, but as other parts of the code
  don't do this, it feels too much here.

Can you send patches for this for me to push to crew (not stable)?


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