Feature idea: partial cloning/pulling

dukeofgaming dukeofgaming at gmail.com
Tue Oct 9 21:37:58 CDT 2012


Just wanted to toss around an idea to the community: partial cloning.

I've been using the perfarce extension some time, and whenever you clone a
perforce repository the initial repository gets configured but starts
writing to the change log, if the connection drops you can resume
downloading by doing a pull. This would be very useful when downloading
very big repositories.

If I am correct, when a clone is requested to a remote repo, the remote
repo will create a bundle and serve it, which is then unpacked into the new
clone, so what I'm suggesting is the ability to clone in an unbundled
mode... which might be slower, but without the risk of having to start all
over again.

Alternatively, an implementation that would allow to do the following in a
more automatic way and without restarting the connection on each "step":

hg clone -r 0
hg pull -r 1
hg pull -r 2
hg pull -r <...>
hg pull -r <N>

Would something like this be feasible/sane for Mercurial?


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