This cycle's commit-on-default-during-code-freeze award goes to...

Thomas Arendsen Hein thomas at
Tue Oct 23 14:18:59 CDT 2012

* Matt Mackall <mpm at> [20121023 20:26]:
> Bryan O'Sullivan and Thomas Arendsen Hein.
> Here is my most recent reminder/plea/promise of public shaming:

Hey, my two seconds of fame ...

In my defence: In the past merges of stable into default were
permitted, my hg-pretxnchangegroup-freeze reads:

if hg log -q -r "$HG_NODE:" -b default -M -l1|grep -q .; then
  echo 'FREEZE - do not push to default, unless you merge from stable!' >&2
  exit 1

It seems that your interpretation of "no commits on the default
branch" has become stricter, I just found "Merging into default
would create a commit on default, which is not allowed because the
default branch is closed." in a previous mail from you (January

Question is, if absolutely nothing happens on default, the latest
bug fixes for the new features that were hurried in moments before
the freeze will not reach people checking out the default branch (or
cloning the repo with a pre-2.4 client).

Additionally the stable branch becomes possibly unstable during the
early part of the freeze due to the last-minute rush of features,
without gaining the advantage to separate changes for both branches,
because the other branch is closed. So now we have two branches that
nobody should use, except for bleeding-edge testing.

And finally, if a critical problem in the previous stable release is
found, one could not just checkout the stable branch and apply the
contains: "[...] the stable branch, which is continually kept in a
production-ready state."
this is not true for two weeks of every quarter.

Yes, this is a long mail to just say:
- If it is your intention to not allow merges on default, say it
  more explicit and document it.
- If it is your intention to find someone to point your finger at,
  then congratulations, you have won.


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