Send patches for new/outgoing changeset notifications (RFC)

Thomas Arendsen Hein thomas at
Fri Oct 26 03:17:41 CDT 2012


The notifications about new or outgoing changesets sent to this list
(and to the crew mailinglist for new changesets in crew) currently
consist of a single mail with the summary of each change and a link
to hgweb showing the full change.

In a two different projects that switched to Mercurial I was asked,
if I could provide patches, too, which I implemented this week. The
patches are sent using the patchbomb extension and are in the same
thread as the initial notification mail.

An example for the result:

dive4elements/flys at 4250: 8 new changesets:
  [PATCH 1 of 8] Convert GaugeOverviewInfoService into RiverInfoService:
  [PATCH 2 of 8] Change Servlet config for RiverInfoService

Is there an interest to have the same for this list?
Or is this only useful if there is a separate mailing list to not
disturb the normal discussion happening here too much?

The shell script I use to generate the push notifications is now
published at


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