[PATCH] color: enabled color support for export command (issue1507)

Gilles Moris gilles.moris at free.fr
Mon Sep 3 00:21:32 CDT 2012

On Sunday 02 September 2012 03:29:32 pm Martin Geisler wrote:
> I think we need to decide if we trust the TTY detection or not. Being
> afraid of unclear risks is not constructive -- either we have a bug or
> we don't.

This is not only about now, it is also about the future. How can you ensure 
that there will not be a regression introduced in a month or a year?

Activating the color in export introduce a possible dormant error, that can 
not be present if color is not present by design.

This is why I say it introduces a "risk" for something we already have a 
workaround for.


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