web site suggestions

Nikolaj Sjujskij sterkrig at myopera.com
Thu Sep 6 12:24:32 CDT 2012

Den 2012-09-06 09:27:11 skrev David Soria Parra <dsp at php.net>:

> On 2012-09-04, Nikolaj Sjujskij <sterkrig at myopera.com> wrote:
>>   Your suggestions are quite correct, but Matt (primary dev and site
>> maintainer) is kind of not-quite-online, so do not get angry if his  
>> reply
>> would be late :)
> Matt is not the primary maintainer of the website. The website is  
> maintained
> by me and it's source can be found at  
> http://bitbucket.org/segv/hg-website.
> As I have little time to work on the site myself it's unlikely I will
> change it this month. Feel free to send me pull requests thats the  
> easierst way to change things on the site.
  Oh, sorry. It's good to know this kind of things.

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