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Bryan O'Sullivan bos at
Fri Sep 7 12:42:21 CDT 2012

On Fri, Sep 7, 2012 at 10:27 AM, Adrian Buehlmann <adrian at>wrote:

> Huh? You are surprising me.
> When I say that your first attempt was "broken" (and it *was* thoroughly
> broken IMO, you even left out a complete case), then this is impolite
> and deserves name calling?

In isolation, calling something "broken" is not impolite. But I see enough
mail where the tone is aggressive or unpleasant that it has me perpetually
on my guard; that's the bigger issue. If this was just an isolated use of
one phrase, I wouldn't be calling attention to it.

I understand that your intentions are good, and I am glad for the thorough
vetting you gave to that code. Just remember that it's easy to
unintentionally phrase sentences in ways that can be taken as angry or
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