[PATCH STABLE] tests: run test-check-code* last

Adrian Buehlmann adrian at cadifra.com
Tue Sep 11 02:14:27 CDT 2012

On 2012-09-11 03:31, Matt Harbison wrote:
> Agreed, and I thought about running it first _and_ last.  But I figured 
> it runs relatively early now, and I don't recall anyone else mentioning 
> wanting it to run first

I think I would appreciate if test-check* -- I constantly refuse to
remember which one it is that I want, so I say '...check*' -- would be
run first.

I usually run test-check* manually, first, by explicitly doing:


  $ PATH="/mingw/bin:/bin:`pwd`/..:/c/python" python run-tests.py
--local test-check*

before kicking a full:


  $ PATH="/mingw/bin:/bin:`pwd`/..:/c/python" python run-tests.py --local

I have quite a couple of times forgotten to do (A), directly starting
(B), leaving my room to do something else and then coming back, seeing
that the code didn't even pass check-code (then thinking "arhg!").

I'm normally still at the terminal to see the first few dots of (B)
coming. If the very first test would be test-check*, then there would be
a very high chance that I'm seeing it and then could forcefully stop the

I think I would even appreciate if the testsuite would terminate right
after test-check* by default iff that fails.

I think there is not much point in completing the whole testsuite (and
wasting CPU cycles for it) anyway, if the code doesn't even pass check-code.

Because if the code doesn't even pass check-code, I would have to touch
the code again anyway, and if I have touched the code again, I do have
to run the full testsuite again anyway (normally).

But I may not be a typical contributor anyway, given the OS I'm using.

For example, I guess not that many people run the testsuite on x64
Windows regularly. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm the only one. [1]

[1] I would appreciate very much if the buildbot would do it

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