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On 18 September 2012 06:46, Pierre-Yves David <
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> On 17 sept. 2012, at 20:49, Tim Delaney wrote:
> > I have a modification I use to the hgweb graph which adds a dotted
> horizontal line from the commit vertex to the text. I find this a lot
> easier to link the text to the vertex with this modification, especially
> when there are several branches visible on the graph.
> The idea is good branchy graph are hard to follow !
> But I'm a bit concern with potential clash with dotted line from
> obsolescence relation. We do not have them now but we'll want them sooner
> or later.
> Obsolescence relation line won't be horizontal but the graph may get
> pretty messy.

I wasn't aware this was on the cards. Making my lines configurable would I
think go a long way to alleviate this.

> What about using css property to have the line you suggest only show
> around the mouse ?

Personally, I'd absolutely hate this. The whole point of this is to make it
easier at a glance to see which commits are on the same branch.

Tim Delaney
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