Suggestion for hgweb graph

Patrick Mézard patrick at
Mon Sep 17 16:07:30 CDT 2012

Le 17/09/12 22:57, Nikolaj Sjujskij a écrit :
>>> I have a modification I use to the hgweb graph which adds a dotted horizontal line from the commit vertex to the text. I find this a lot easier to link the text to the vertex with this modification, especially when there are several branches visible on the graph.
>> The idea is good branchy graph are hard to follow !
>> What about using css property to have the line you suggest only show around the mouse ?
> I don't like using mouse much, and so do many others hardcore keyboard users (vimperator and others aren't that unpopular).
> Isaac have proposed that this should be an option, so maybe:
> [web]
> dottedlinesongraphbetweennodeanddescription = on / hover / off
> Option name should inspire everybody to suggest a better one :)

I am -1 on that, is there any compelling reason to require yet another customization entry?

Patrick Mézard

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