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Patrick Mézard patrick at
Tue Sep 18 01:33:43 CDT 2012

Le 18/09/12 08:01, Nikolaj Sjujskij a écrit :
> Den 2012-09-18 01:07:30 skrev Patrick Mézard <patrick at>:
>> Le 17/09/12 22:57, Nikolaj Sjujskij a écrit :
>>>>> I have a modification I use to the hgweb graph which adds a dotted horizontal line from the commit vertex to the text. I find this a lot easier to link the text to the vertex with this modification, especially when there are several branches visible on the graph.
>>>> The idea is good branchy graph are hard to follow !
>>>> What about using css property to have the line you suggest only show around the mouse ?
>>> I don't like using mouse much, and so do many others hardcore keyboard users (vimperator and others aren't that unpopular).
>>> Isaac have proposed that this should be an option, so maybe:
>>> [web]
>>> dottedlinesongraphbetweennodeanddescription = on / hover / off
>>> Option name should inspire everybody to suggest a better one :)
>> I am -1 on that, is there any compelling reason to require yet another customization entry?
>  Well, there's already one request to make it configurable, a foreseen problem with obsolete changesets and author's wish to see line for every changeset (which is shared by me at least). How do we resolve this without configuration option?

By deciding whether the feature is an overall improvement. I have no strong opinion about the feature itself, but I would like to reduce the configuration option creep, especially for minor things like this. If people want to configure the template, they can edit them directly.

Patrick Mézard

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