Propagates bookmarks termination

Martin Geisler martin at
Fri Sep 21 00:44:24 CDT 2012

Pierre-Yves David <pierre-yves.david at> writes:

> I'm using bookmarks for my Mercurial developpement for a few months.
> My workflow is as follow:
>     At work
>      $ hg bookmarks somefeature
>      hack hack hack
>      $ hg push -B somefeature
>     at home
>      $ hg pull
>      hack hack hack
>      $ hg amend
>      $ hg push
>     eventually
>      $ hg patchbomb -r '::somefeature and draft()'
> Since 2.3 hg pull synchronize all bookmarks. this part works well! But
> when somefeature is queued into core troubles start
>   At home
>     $ hg pull main
>     $ hg bookmark -d somefeature
>     $ hg push -B somefeature # to propagate the kill to hg-lab
> and from work I need
>     $ hg pull -B somefeature
> Otherwise an hold version of the bookmarks remains dandling somewhere.
> It would be nice if the pull could propagate the deletion of the
> bookmark the same is does with addition.

Isn't this trivially impossible? Since bookmarks have no history, you
don't know if remote is missing the bookmark because it was deleted
there, or if it's missing the bookmark because it never went there in
the first place. The missing history is exactly what you're adding with
the obsolete work, isn't it? :-)

Or maybe you want to say that 'hg pull' should delete a bookmark locally
iff the bookmark is now fully merged into some other (topological)
branch of work? That would make the bookmark sort-of redundant since it
wont point to a head any longer -- but not fully redundant since you
might intend to continue working from the bookmark later.

Martin Geisler
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