[RFC] naming of obsolescence troubles

Pierre-Yves David pierre-yves.david at logilab.fr
Thu Sep 27 10:22:10 CDT 2012

I'm about to submit patches to compute the two remaining troubles related to
mutable history exchanges[1] (the first is "unstable" already in 2.3). But
their name are not fully hammered yet.
Please read the sentences below and discuss the *terms* used.

    Exchange mutable history can bring different kind of *troubles*.

    First, ancestors of a changeset may becomes obsoletes. Such changeset are
    called *unstable*.

    Second, a changeset may be a rewritten of a changeset now immutable. Such
    changeset are called *latecomer*.

    Third, multiple change may try to rewrite the same changeset. Such
    changeset are called *divergent*.

    A changeset is called *troubled* when it is affected by at least one
    *troubles* (*unstable*, *latecomer* or *divergent*)

I'm not very happy with *latecomer* but nobody came with a better proposal for now.


#1 For those who are lost:

    A full sum-up of the concept is avaible here


    A full sum-up of the naming is available here:

Pierre-Yves David


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