[RFC] naming of obsolescence troubles

Tim Delaney timothy.c.delaney at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 16:09:19 CDT 2012

On 28 September 2012 01:27, Danek Duvall <danek.duvall at oracle.com> wrote:

> Pierre-Yves David wrote:
> >     Second, a changeset may be a rewritten of a changeset now immutable.
> Such
> >     changeset are called *latecomer*.
> >
> > I'm not very happy with *latecomer* but nobody came with a better
> proposal for now.
> The other two are adjectives, but you chose a noun here.  Why not the
> adjective you already have in the description -- "rewritten"?  Because it
> might encompass rewriters of non-immutable changesets?  You could use words
> that imply hiding; perhaps a "covering" changeset?

Shadowing. The new changeset is shadowed by the (obsolete) public changeset.

Tim Delaney
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