[PATCH 0 of 1 ] pathencode: remove unnessary #include directive

André Sintzoff andre.sintzoff at gmail.com
Sat Sep 29 13:53:41 CDT 2012

On my "old" Mac, revision 9535a0dc41f2 does not compile.
There is a name conflict with isset which is also a macro defined in
This file is included by
. mercurial/util.h
.. /Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.4u.sdk/usr/include/arpa/inet.h
... /Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.4u.sdk/usr/include/sys/param.h

As there is no need to include mercurial/util.h, I remove the corresponding
#include directive.

Note: as I don't know if all this stuff is worth to be included in the commit
message, I don't add it.


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