[PATCH 2 of 6] scmutil.addremove: use the dirstate's map directly

Siddharth Agarwal sid0 at fb.com
Tue Apr 2 15:35:19 CDT 2013

On 04/02/2013 12:49 PM, Kevin Bullock wrote:
> Boo, hiss. If dirstate's map needs to be a public object (and it looks like there's several places where it does), let's refactor it into a proper external collaborator of the dirstate object.

I was expecting this :)

So I went back and decided to try just pulling the repo.dirstate fetch 
out of the loop. Turns out that gets us most of the win:
Before: 2.78s
repo.dirstate out of the loop: 2.40s
directly accessing the dirstate map: 2.29s

Would just pulling the dirstate fetch out of the loop be fine for now?

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