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Hello Idan,

Idan wrote:
:::: On Fri, Aug 2, 2013 at 3:59 PM, Giovanni Gherdovich
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:::: > Hello Idan,
:::: > [...]
:::: > You also say "the return value is unparsed."
:::: > Well, it cannot be otherwise; the only "structured" piece of data is
:::: > the content of the 'r' channel (read by hg_exitcode).
:::: >
:::: > The rest of the output, namely 'o' and 'e' channels, is just flat
:::: > It cannot be parsed since the content and format can change from
:::: > a hg release to the next. So the only way to deal with it is to take
it as
:::: > it is.
:::: >
:::: That's not true and if it were these libraries we're trying to create
:::: hg wouldn't be all that useful.
:::: You can see here[1] that python-hglib test suite runs on hg versions
:::: back to 1.9.3 and have survived several big releases with only a few
:::: in Mercurial's output during that time, which in some cases would have
:::: unnoticed had python-hglib been more liberal in parsing the output.

Actually now that you point this out, I can see that "import re" in
and quite a lot of result for CTRL+F 're.' in that code.

Ok, Iulian will implement some output parsing in level 1 functions.
Err... How do people do regex matching in C?

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