[PATCH 14 of 20] hgweb: add ajaxScrollInit skeleton

Alexander Plavin alexander at plav.in
Tue Aug 13 03:34:37 CDT 2013

13.08.2013, 03:32, "Dave S" <snidely.too at gmail.com>:
> (resend, to list this time)
> On Mon, Aug 12, 2013 at 11:50 AM, Alexander Plavin <alexander at plav.in> wrote:
> 10.08.2013, 17:22, "Laurens Holst" <laurens.nospam at grauw.nl>:
>> Op 09-08-13 20:57, Alexander Plavin schreef:
>>> # HG changeset patch
>>> # User Alexander Plavin <alexander at plav.in>
>>> # Date 1376061308 -14400
>>> # Fri Aug 09 19:15:08 2013 +0400
>>> # Node ID f28ca736646cf582ef71b518b995a1d63c40849a
>>> # Parent 015d43fca74b12c5c79ca14683d375dc9675fdd2
>>> hgweb: add ajaxScrollInit skeleton
>>> This piece of code handles onscroll event and makes request to load next page
>>> of entries, but doesn't actually add the loaded entries to the DOM tree yet.
>> If I look at the bottom of the shortlog (e.g.
>> http://hg.plav.in/hg/shortlog/1215bf60468f), every time I scroll down it
>> keeps loading even though there is nothing to see anymore.
> By 'scrolling down' you mean 'scrolling a bit up and then down', right? :) As you can't scroll down after the end of the page.
> With a scroll wheel,I sometimes get a bounce or sag that gives the same effect.
> And it seems to be worse when you jump to tip, and scroll down; I can never see the bottom of the page.

Yes, you can't see the bottom of the page (the part which is below the list) until you reach the end of the list, but this is true for any implementation of infinite scrolling.

> I haven't figured out who much the page is growing; Opera's "page info" tool doesn't seem clear about this, and I haven't looked enough to have a better tool.

Don't get what you want to say here by 'who (how?) much the page is growing'. It grows 60 entries each time you scroll to the bottom.

> Also, the less-more-+60 links seem to behave a little oddly, sometimes giving just 1 or 2 lines of output. Hmmm, this happens consistently when I jump to 0, but then there are no commits older than that, so it makes sense (I guess). I haven't figured out again what I did to get 2 lines.

If I understand you correctly, this is the right behavior (and has nothing to do with infinite scrolling). If you open the page of shortlog where the first revision shown is 1st revision in the repo, it will show you only only this revision, same for 2nd and so on.

> I do feel that I'm not sure where I am after scrolling down a few times to load more lines; the date of the c/s is there of course, but the rev number shown next to less-more is for the top of the page, isn't it? So I'm guessing or counting on my thumbs for the revs at the bottom.

Revision number near the less-more links always relate to the beginning of the list, same as it was before.

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