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Tue Aug 13 09:44:51 CDT 2013


I second all things Jordi said. I like his proposal.

> My contention is that doctors aren't afraid of blood.
> They're just afraid of knowing which organ [...]

That's bloody true.

> In addition, hg should provide default ~/.hgrc and .hg/hgrc templates.
> The .hg/hgrc should just contain a brief explanation in the comments
> about how to add new paths. and the default ~/.hgrc should explain how
> to setup ui.username and commented-out safe-ish extensions (e.g.
> pager, color, progress, graphlog, and some warning sign and
> commented-out rebase and histedit). There should also be a comment
> near the top "type "hg help config" to learn about more configuration
> options".

This looks so so good.
I have a confession to do with shame: despite the fact that I am becoming
the go-to guy for hg-related questions at my workplace (position I earned
after sending mass-emails on how to handle this-or-that corner cases), ...

... I still didn't have the color extension enabled,
until Jordi mentioned it in the channel a week ago or so.

I mean: if I had it commented on the off-the-shelf ~/.hgrc, that
would have been so so so good.

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