[PATCH 12 of 20] hgweb, paper: add shortlogajax template and use it

Antoine Pitrou solipsis at pitrou.net
Tue Aug 20 04:18:03 CDT 2013

Martin Geisler <martin <at> geisler.net> writes:
> So a tooltip which shows the username, commit message, bookmarks and
> branch names could be implemented. Showing the filenames for a commit is
> more problematic since you cannot be sure that they can be JSON encoded.

How is it more problematic than representing them under HTML form?
If you're saying hgweb can put undecodable byte sequences in its generated
HTML, well this is ugly as hell ("mojibake").

What you're thinking of as a technical representation issue (i.e. encoding)
is really a visual presentation issue. You want to present data to the user,
but you don't know what the data means - since you refused to infer a
character encoding when saving the filenames. Human beings can read text,
they can't read bytestreams. If Mercurial loses information as to how
to interpret a piece of data, then Mercurial has a problem - not necessarily
JSON or XML ;-)



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