Prompts on hglib API

Iulian Stana julian.stana at
Sat Aug 31 12:59:39 CDT 2013


Sorry for my disturbing, I am trying to implement some hg commands that
probably will have prompts messages. Merge command for example.

>From what I already understand you must send a zero-length message to
command server to stop server asking about input data ( 'I' or 'L'

I would like to ask you, how you had handled this issue:

1) do you expect the users of your code, to write handlers that manage
themselves to send the zero length at the end of their reply to prompts ?
2) do you execute the user-defined handlers and _then_ you send yourself
the zero length message?

I think that you cannot assume that after a prompt message, will be no
other input data to send....

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