Stripping hidden changesets breaks "hg outgoing"

Greg Ward greg at
Wed Feb 6 13:48:16 CST 2013

On 06 February 2013, Pierre-Yves David said:
> removeing your branchmap cache should work around your issue (rm -rv .hg/cache/*)

OK, I'll keep that in mind.

Related workaround kludge: my understanding is that removing
phaseroots is fairly harmless; it'll just make Mercurial think all
changesets are public. So doing it right after "hg push" should affect
nothing. Correct?

> Please fill a bug (on evolve for now) I'll have a look during the sprint this week-end.

Crap. I was unable to reproduce the bug today. Looks like the copy of
the repo I saved was a little too late -- I saved it right *after* the
crash, and I can't get it to happen again. Sorry. ;-(

I'll keep using evolve, and the next time I feel like doing some
garbage collection I'll be *very careful* about keeping track of each

Thanks --

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