[PATCH] bookmark: don't allow integers as bookmark/branch/tag names

Bryan O'Sullivan bos at serpentine.com
Fri Feb 8 05:24:49 CST 2013

On Tue, Feb 5, 2013 at 5:57 PM, Durham Goode <durham at fb.com> wrote:

> The check only happens when creating a new bookmark/etc from a command so
> it
> shouldn't affect existing bookmarks/branches/tags or importing branches
> from
> git.

This is important to note: all this change does is forbid the creation of
new tags/branches/bookmarks with integer names. Existing ones can still be
retrieved using revset queries. (It has always been the case that if you
try "hg log -r33" and you have a bookmark, branch, or tag named "33",
you're gonna have a bad time.)
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