hg-i18n at 18555: outgoing changeset (stable)

Mercurial Commits hg at intevation.org
Fri Feb 8 06:00:07 CST 2013

Outgoing changeset (stable) in hg-i18n:

changeset:   18555:0e7b072d58ed
branch:      stable
tag:         tip
parent:      18553:b6b9475c563a
user:        Arne Babenhauserheide <bab at draketo.de>
date:        Tue Feb 05 22:02:11 2013 +0100
summary:     i18n-de: fix duplicated shortcut key b for record (edit and quit)

Repository URL: http://bitbucket.org/mg/hg-i18n

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