[PATCH 1 of 3] pull: add --subrepos flag

Matt Harbison matt_harbison at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 19 23:57:33 CST 2013

On Sun, 17 Feb 2013 13:19:16 +0100, Angel Ezquerra wrote:

> # HG changeset patch
> # User Angel Ezquerra <angel.ezquerra at gmail.com>
> # Date 1360519226 -3600
> # Node ID abbd26cca35280fb8f784b3f2c02eef71696c47b
> # Parent  55b9b294b7544a6a144f627f71f4b770907d5a98
> pull: add --subrepos flag
> The purpose of this new flag is to ensure that you are able to update to any
> incoming revision without requiring any network access. The idea is to make sure
> that the repository is self-contained after doing hg pull --subrepos, as long as
> it already was self-contained before the pull).
> When the --subrepos flag is enabled, pull will also pull (or clone) all subrepos
> that are present on the current revision and those that are referenced by any of
> the incoming revisions.

I haven't gotten a chance to really play with this yet, so I'm going more off the
comments here- I apologize if these answers should be obvious, but I'm not familiar
enough with some of the code.

 - Is there an easy way to tell if the repo is/was self contained?  (Maybe
   incoming -S?)

 - Is the 'self-contained' bit to limit overhead on each pull, or is there another
   reason this can't ensure the result is self contained?  'Push' and 'outgoing -S'
   recognize (almost) everything going in the other direction, so it might be nice
   to have the same capability with a form of pull.  (I may have found a push bug
   that I haven't gotten back to yet.)

 - The full subrepo gets pulled, even revs not committed to the parent?  I think
   that's a good thing, because regularly get burned when I 'pull -u' the tree to
   another machine and then go to apply the rest of a patch queue to the subrepo.

I'll try to experiment with this some in the next few days.  I ran into issues with
what I'm working on (push, outgoing) with deeply nested subrepos, and also when a
parent locks in an earlier subrepo version.  I wonder if deeply nested subrepos will
be a problem here since hgsubrepo.pull() doesn't walk its subrepos and pull them.


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